FriedrichDippmann is a Berlin-based collaborative between two artists – Agnes Friedrich and Ivonne Dippmann. Starting off by a fashion- and textile feature on Dippmanns ongoing artbook-production Liebeslied Chemnitz – Tel Aviv (Lovesong) in 2016, the good spirit and common attitude continued. The same year FriedrichDippmann  initiated its first textile-based project thekidswantcommunism. Its core and essence has been inspired by a conference on communism at CCA, Tel Aviv as part of the exhibition The Kids Want Communism at MoBY: Museums of Bat Yam, curated by Joshua Simon. As part of the closing event in November 2017 the first edition of 12 designs have been presented as a performance piece.

Agnes Friedrich works internationally as a professional stylist, textile designer and photographer. Her inner world and core are determined by layers of structures and colourful patterns that are inspired by nature, different cultures and the vibes of a close circle of friends around her. Berlin, for her, has always been a strong base and ‘place to be’ regarding fashion and fairs – nevertheless she takes her time to escape the Berliner ‘urbanness’ by travelling or rooting herself near lakes, gardens and trees. Aside of design concepts; sustainability, fair production and the support of local businesses are crucial for her.

Since 2008 Ivonne Dippmann has been living and working 
between Berlin and Tel Aviv. Over a period of almost ten years
Tel Aviv became home and a second skin. Working as a professional
artist worldwide she holds a Master and Meisterschüler in Visual Communication and Experimental Media Design as well as a
Master in Fine Arts from Bezalel, Tel Aviv. Based on her interdisciplinary attitude and educational background the strength and uniqueness
of her visual language lies in juggling between these very worlds.
Be it site-specific murals, illustrations, large-scale paintings, collages,
art books or the poetics of documenting space, Dippmanns curiosity
never comes to rest.
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