Behind-the-scenes at Green Fashion Fair Berlin
Even though I found it a very exhausting experience, the warm and historic atmosphere of Haus Ungarn as well as the selection of brands displayed were worth the hustle. Besides events, shows or workshops emphasising a sustainable mindset, Green Fashion Fair Berlin also hosted a pop-up store that invited customers to take a rest in our sofa corner. Creating this friendly space I had the opportunity to have profound and in-depth conversations as well.
Sustainability is not limited to the discussion of humans claiming resources worldwide, furthermore it generates a mindset of how one profoundly understands the energy invested in every step of the production process in order to have a product available and manufactured. And not just that! It also brings into mind how you as a resource yourself communicate and navigate in the world. We don't need more fashion designer or items being produced, instead we need individuals that create consciousness and political awareness far beyond production. Pushing education in the field of ethics and values we're enabled to create content and ideas that channel a human friendly mindset, packaged into content and communicated clearly in our everyday life.
Through modernism, history and time itself became dynamic forces that lead to a lifestyle which is unstable and accelerates continuously. Structure itself became a rare resource, meaning that one has to re-evaluate and re-consider a situation proportionally to its circumstances at all times. Mentioning that I was very full-filled to find space and time having few conversations that literally touched someone and resonated within. Lets see what comes around!
© Ivonne Dippmann
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